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Video Resolution

When you finally get your hands on our SD21G Magicam, you'll know how to use it. This video demonstrates the basic functions of our SD21G and how to use the mounts that it comes with.

Imaging Mega Pixel

If you are crazy for image resolution about image mega pixel, Our SD21G Magicam come with Imaging 8 Mega Pixel. It is enough to give you high resolution pixel clear images.

10X Digital Zoom

Our SD21G Magicam comes with 10x Digital Zoom. It will give you close up picture of far distance objects.


Recording starts automatically when the G-sensor movement integrated into the device receives an acceleration: it actively senses any change in gravity and will automatically start video recording in case of shock or tilting for example. G-sensor function turns your device into a true black box for your car.

Other Features

The SD21G Magicam comes with a connection to an external microphone to improve the sound quality. SD21G Magicam has Speakers, 1000mAh Battery, 170º UWA also.

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